Exploring the unknown and discovering new places and cultures is what travelling is truly about. And how better to actually do this than to arrive in a location you know nothing about. A location you haven’t researched into and planned an itinerary for. A location that you didn’t even know you’d be visiting until a few short hours earlier. For the most spontaneous of adventurers, surprise travel is now very possible!

One travel company offering globetrotters a new way to book their next holiday is Jubel. After filtering through thousands of destinations, the company will create the perfect trip for you, matching everything to your wants and needs.

Everything is tailored with Jubel. Not only the destination, but the hotel you’ll stay in and transportation methods you’ll use too – “whether you’d like to get off the beaten path or visit the old classics, whether you’d prefer a hostel or a world-class hotel, whether you’d like a simple city tour or to jump out of a plane at 12,000 ft”.


Simply take the survey on Jubel’s website and you’ll be presented with a 100% personalised travel itinerary based on your answers (why not look at an example? Sample itineraries for a revealed destination are different to an itinerary for a mystery destination). With this itinerary, it’s entirely up to you just how much you wish to keep unknown. Jubel can tell you everything, or can keep you wondering until you reach the airport.

Once your trip is booked, you’ll be sent multiple sealed envelopes that reveal what or where you’ll be going next – each marked with the date on which you should it. Suggested that you want to visit more than more country or region? These envelopes aren’t just for different areas of a city or for attractions within them. They could send you absolutely anywhere.

Regardless of if your destination and activities are unknown, Jubel says one thing is certain: “the more that is left to your imagination, the more rewarding and thrilling your experience will be”.


If you’re interested in a surprise trip somewhere in Europe, srprs.me can help too. While you’re not in control of picking your destination, you do get to choose your region – north, south, east or west. Choose hotel or hostel and then pick your dates, and you’re done – the rest is up to your srprs.consultant to arrange.

Take the plunge into a mystery trip now – surprises really are thrilling!

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