For many some members of CrossFit boxes around the world, participating in The 2018 CrossFit Games Open is a no-brainer. As their chance to literally throw down against the rest of the world, it wouldn’t be a surprise if some were ready and waiting when registration opened on January 11th.

If you don’t see yourself as a ‘competitive athlete’ however, and have no intention of using the games as a stepping stone to Regionals, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign yourself up for five weeks of blood, sweat and (hopefully) PBs.


Put simply, The CrossFit Games Open is a test of fitness. Five workouts across five weeks in which all participates worldwide – from beginners to CrossFit Games champions – compete.

It isn’t just for those who smash WODs with high intensity and throw-down at competitions regularly. With the ability to scale workouts to all levels, The Open is designed to be accessible to all athletes.

During the five weeks, every Thursday night a workout is announced. Athletes then have until the following Monday evening to complete the workout in the presence of a judge, and enter their scores online. From here, they can then go online and see where they stand in comparison to others around the world for that workout.

The first 2018 CrossFit Open workout will be announced Thursday, February 22 and the following will continue on the consecutive five weeks after. Registration is open now and you can register any time up until the first event submission deadline closes the following Monday.


Regardless of the any list you may have drawn up in your head, of the reasons why you shouldn’t enter – you don’t think you’re good enough, you’re not competitive, you aren’t sure you can commit to every week – there are many more reasons why you should.

1. You’re good enough

Chances are if you’ve ever dreaded the three, two, one countdown before a WOD, then you have been through the mental processes of “I can’t… Okay I’ll try… Oh I can” and then, upon finishing, “I did”. However, even if you can’t do the prescribed (Rx) weight for most, or even for any, of the moves within a workout, the Open is about calling on the best in yourself, no matter your current level.

2. You’ll set yourself benchmarks

The Open is the perfect opportunity to get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses. If there’s something you’re not quite where you’d like to be with this year, you can then work on it over the next year, ready for 2019! Whether it’s your first open or you’ve done several, you’ve set yourself something to beat next time.

3. You may surprise yourself and hit a new PB

Stepping out of your comfort zone is always easier said than done – as humans we’re wired to seek safety and familiar surroundings. But even if you’re in the same gym as normal, surrounded by the same enthusiastic faces, the atmosphere and competitive environment can allow you to push further and harder than before. And the result? Completely upping your game!

4. You’ll get to connect with a worldwide community

Without a doubt, the community at your gym is already great – which is why you go back time and time again to train there. But the CrossFit Open gives you the opportunity to expand that community globally. Instead of just a small group of fellow CrossFitters to share the suffering of each WOD with, you will be working out with the world. There’ll be hundreds of thousands of others experiencing the same hardships, triumphs, and sense of achievement that you will.

5. It’ll be fun

Most participants aren’t going to Regionals and for them the Open isn’t about having the best score on the leaderboard. For the general CrossFit population, the Open is a chance to challenge yourself, get a taste of competitions and most importantly, have fun. And in a gym full of people cheering you on, how can it not be?

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