Every woman that’s ever been on a night out has experienced it. Whether it’s about the new outfit you were wearing that you weren’t 100% sold on or your dick of a partner/ex-partner/new flame (delete as appropriate) that’s done the unthinkable and left you angry/upset/pissed off/all of the above, encouraging supportive words are available by the bucket load.

Your NTBs (new toilet bezzies) are only around for 10 minutes max, but in that time they know your life story, your goals, your dreams and they’ve coached you on how you can turn your five year plan into reality. They disappear as quickly as they made themselves known, but for the rest of the night you’re left feeling like you can take on the world. Like you’re Wonder Woman, capable too of beating the shit out of Aries and ending the war to end all wars (whoops. Spoiler alert).

However in every day life, when you’re a little less intoxicated, female encouragement can be few and far between.

You may have an incredible #girlsquad in which every member always has your back and if so, that’s great. No, that’s more than great. That’s incredible, and everyone deserves that. But what about the other females you encounter everyday who aren’t your nearest and dearest? What about your work colleagues, your boss, the lady who hands you your morning coffee or even the young girl busking her heart out on the street? You may not be able to control how they treat you, but you can control how you treat them.

As women, sometimes we are no better than our high school selves. There’s competition, jealously, gossip, resentment and overall lack of support.

Why the competition? There’s enough opportunities out there for all of us. And the jealousy and gossip? There’s not enough time for us girls to complete our basic to-do lists each day, so who the hell’s got time for that?!

We’d all be lying if we said we’ve never been guilty of any if the above. We wouldn’t appreciate it being aimed in our direction so it’s probably time we stopped firing it out ourselves. It’s amazing when girls can challenge each other and can call each other out and say when they think someone can do better. BUT you can totally tell when it’s authentic and because they want each other to grow and when it’s simply just being a bitch.

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