There’s always one. They’ve not been back on home turf more than two minutes and they’ve already booked themselves another trip away. And you’re left there thinking ‘how do they do it?’. Chances are these individuals aren’t made of money – and it’s likely they don’t have an extremely well paid job, or parents that will pay for it for them. Reality is you really can travel on a budget.


Travel isn’t cheap – it’ll never just be ‘pocket change’ – but you can try and make your travels as cheap as possible. But how do you do it?


Make Skyscanner your new best friend. Instead of going straight to an airline’s website to look at flight prices, compare them through Skyscanner. Early morning departures or arrivals may not be the most convenient, but they are more often than not the cheapest. And if you’re really not bothered by convenience, sometimes the cheapest way to fly is to depart from one UK airport and return to another.


If you’re planning a more relaxed, stay in the hotel and lay by the pool kind of holiday, ignore this tip. But if you’re moving around a city or a country, don’t be put off my the word ‘hostel’. Five star accommodation may seem more appealing, but if you’re only after a roof over your head to sleep, hostels are perfect and Hostel World have plenty wherever your destination to get you started. (Yes, hostels can have shared dorm rooms, but most also have private rooms too – you can still get your privacy). And, if you really after an adventure, waiting to book accommodation until you’re actually there can also make the total cost cheaper. Guidebooks and the internet will give you a wide variety of hotels and hostels to choose from, but the best,and cheapest rooms are more likely to be completely off the grid.


As much as you may want to go away right now, try to book in advance. Unless you book a week before you depart, it is almost always cheaper way in advance; flights especially. It gives you something to look forward to as well as giving you more time to save up for the other bits you need to remember – the accommodation, spending money (for food, entrance fees to attractions, money to cover the activities you want to do whilst away) and money for transport.


From the airport to your first hotel. From one city to the next. Buying bus tickets and train tickets like the locals is far cheaper than booking a private taxi to take you from A to B.

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