Similarly to working your way up the career ladder, travelling can teach you many valuable lessons, as well as teaching you a thing or two about yourself along the way. Nothing builds character or broadens your horizons like making your way in a foreign land.

So whether you’re looking to use up some of your annual leave, or hoping to plan a six month sabbatical, travelling doesn’t have to disturb your work life. If anything, it only makes you better at your job!


1. You’re ambitious

Travellers often crave change and seek out new experiences, and this can suggest to employers that you aren’t afraid to take chances and think out of the box. An ambitious and goal driven person knows when to rest and how to continue at a comfortable pace, and this works well both in the workplace and in the outside world.

2. You know how to deal with setbacks

Those who frequently travel are excellent problem solvers. Why? Because, chances are, while on your travels you’ll have – at least once – found yourself stranded, lost or facing a situation far more frustrating than you could have ever imagined. Times like these teach that crying over spilled milk is pretty pointless. For travellers, getting straight to problem-solving and finding an efficient solution is likely to now come naturally.

3. You’re organised

Planning a trip – most definitely if it’s a long one – can be a complicated task, requiring a tremendous amount of research and organisation. There’s so much to think about before you go… insurance, visas, accommodation, transport, currency! Packing is a similar story. You only want to pack the essentials, but you’ll be sure to have what you need if an issue were to arise.

4. Your productivity and morale are boosted after time away

While you may think slaving away at your desk for long hours will get you ahead of your game, you’re likely to be wrong. In reality, you’re just wearing yourself out and as a result, working at a much slower pace. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to renew your energy and focus, and then return to work more productive than ever.

5. You’re willing to try new things and step out of your comfort zone

Whether you’re backpacking around Bali or hiking the Inca trail, travelling (especially solo travel) can be scary sometimes. But trying new things, whatever they are, are essential for building confidence and independence – both of which are invaluable in the work place.

6. You’re a people person

When you’ve met a lot of different people from different parts of the world, you’re opened to new perspectives and new ways of life. And, when you don’t speak the native language and begin to communicate with more than words, the world becomes borderless. Travellers know how to communicate with anyone, from a friendly local or fellow travellers to a CEO of multimillion-dollar corporations. Why? Because they know how to find common grounds with others, regardless of status, age or ethnicity.

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