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Hungary Travel Guides


Bordered by the diverse likes of Austria, Serbia and Ukraine, in Hungary you’ll find well-preserved castles, seductively good wines and a landscape of low-lying mountains, oak forests and thermal springs around every corner.

Budapest, the capital, is a city split into two halves by the river Danube – historic hilly Buda on one side, and the modern vibrant Pest on the other. Offering both the old (stunning architecture and exquisite thermal baths) and the new (busy shopping centres and quirky bars and restaurants), the city is a gift that keeps on giving.

South west of Budapest, a city that is said to mirror beautiful Vienna, is Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest body of fresh water. It’s largely unknown outside the region, however here you’ll find plenty of locals spending hot summers cooling off in waters that average 20°C.

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The 10 Very Best Bits Of Budapest

The 10 Very Best Bits Of Budapest

An elegant, yet laid back capital in the heart of Europe.