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Belgium Travel Guides


Belgium has a million things to keep you busy during your visit. Many travellers often only visit Belgium for a day or during a stopover to somewhere else – passing through the capital Brussels or spending a day at Christmas market in Bruges – but look a little closer and you’ll find much more. Smack-bang in the middle of Western Europe, in Belgium there are many medieval towns, historical sites and castles, and parks worth sticking around for, as well as beautiful art museums and tasty cafes.

The country is best known for its beer, chocolate, and fries, and no traveller has ever leave disappointed. There are over 1,000 breweries and microbreweries in this little country which have all perfected the brewing process, while the truffles, pralines and chocolaty treats found on pretty much all streets in the capital Brussels are a true indulgence.

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What Is It Like Spending Christmas In Bruges?

What Is It Like Spending Christmas In Bruges?

Think cold weather, Christmas markets and a hell of a lot of chocolate!