Whilst being in London, I’ve been given the opportunity to do so many things that I never thought I’d get the chance to. I’ve taken part in loads of different classes, I’ve met so many different people; PTs, class instructors, yoga teachers, bloggers to name just a few, I’ve recorded workout videos with some of London’s best trainers and I’ve somehow even managed to find my way in front of the camera in a few of the shoots. But today, I got to do something I have been really wanted to get involved in; helping run an event. When I saw that The Wellscene was looking for help for a couple of their summer events, I jumped at offering my help.

So, today I got to help with my first of two Wellscene event days. Originally I had just planned to just stay for the morning HIIT & Run event, as this was the event I was initially draw to.  Some of London’s fittest had bought tickets to a 45 minute HIIT class with Svava, founder of The Viking Method and no-excuses personal trainer to some VERY well known names and were then following this with a 45 minute running ‘skills and drills’ session with Chevy, run coach for Chasing Lights Collective. Once their grueling sessions had passed, their tickets included a well deserved brunch, courtesy of Maple & Fitz.

The wellscene The wellscene

As much as I would have loved to have joined in, and have eaten the delicious looking meal afterwards, I was more than happy chatting to and getting to know the founder of The Wellscene, Iris Louwerens and a couple of lovely girls from Neat Nutrition. What I didn’t know when I first offered to help The Wellscene, is that it isn’t run by a big team like I imagined. I thought these well organised, incredibly creative events are planned by Iris alone. She doesn’t have a team at all, just a large network of friends within the industry who have helped her to grow her dream into a company.  Talking to her about how her company started was really inspirational and proves that hard work really can pay off.

Although I had only planned to stay for the morning, the event was so much fun that I stayed for the afternoon event too – Flight & Bite. Flight & Bite ticket holders would be joining in with a yoga session with Emily-Clare Hill and socialising together afterwards over an afternoon tea. Now yoga isn’t normally my kind of thing. I’d much rather send my heart rate sky rocketing and work up a sweat with a intense HIIT workout, but I’ve always been slightly intrigued by yoga. I’ve tried it a couple of times before, but in a much more intimate workshop (in which there was space for me to join in), today was going to be my chance to really give it a go. My endless years of throwing around weights in a gym and never stretching afterwards has left me stupidly inflexible which isn’t the best start for practicing yoga, but the gymnast still hidden inside me did manage to find the core strength to hold a handstand unaided, even if it was only for a few seconds.

the wellscene the wellscene

The Wellscene is hosting The Rooftop Fitness Festival in 3 weeks time, and I’m lucky enough to be going along to help out (and to take part again). With classes from Faisal Abdalla, Tonan Bootcamp and Roberto Julio, as well as the return of The Viking Method and Chasing Lights Collective, and goodies from brands such as Pip & Nut, Twisted Halo, Maple & Fitz, Sibberi and Neat Nutrition, I’m really excited to be involved.

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