After the success of The Wellscene’s HIIT & Run and Flight & Bite events, in which I was lucky enough to help out with, I was delighted when Iris (founder of The Wellscene) invited me back to help out with her biggest project to date – London’s first ever Rooftop Fitness Festival. Along with a few other volunteers, who I am sure all jumped at the opportunity as I had, I floated around the festival for most of the day. Speaking to and signing ticket holders up for taster classes, adding a little sparkle to the day on the glitter face painting stand and overall just making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time. And how could they not be?

Rooftop fitness fest

With stalls from the likes of Rhythm, Well + Happy, Cocoface and Maple & Fitz full of the tastiest, guilt-free treats and free samples left, right and centre, how could anyone not be content? Personally, however, I think all of the above was topped by the most satisfying toast bar from Pip & Nut. Rye or Soda bread, with the choice of around 5 different nut butters and whatever toppings you fancied. The lunch I had made and taken with me, was nowhere near as appealing as almond butter, berries & chocolate on toast! Pair this with either the delicious PB, banana, almond milk and chocolate protein shake or the equally as tasty spinach, banana, coconut milk and vanilla protein shake from Neat Nutrition and my fuel for the day was sorted.

Rooftop fitness fest

It wasn’t just food stalls however, that lined the outside of the rooftop in Paddington, that had been chosen for the event. Lifestyle and beauty companies were out in force too; braiding hair, suggesting skincare products perfect for your skin and selling some of the most gorgeous yoga and gym wear.

Obviously my mind goes straight to food, but I’ve completely skipped the main reason The Wellscene’s events are so popular. The workouts. The workouts with some of London’s best trainers. And the lineup for The Rooftop Fitness Festival were going to work you as hard as always; Faisal Abdalla, Tonan Bootcamp, Chasing Lights Collective, The Viking Method and Skinny Rebel Workout were there to put people through their paces. No excuses allowed. I was even lucky enough to join in with one of the classes myself, choosing Paola’s BodyBarre: ‘Cardio Floor Barre’. From previous posts you can see how I got on in a Barre class, but mix Barre and cardio together and you have a recipe for success (or disaster. Those little pulsing moves and pointed toe moves are definitely not easy!).

Rooftop fitness fest Rooftop fitness fest

After all her planning and event organising for The Rooftop Fitness Festival, Iris deserves a well earned break before starting all over again. But believe me when I say, I’ll be at the next one she puts together. Whether that be helping out on the day again, or buying a ticket and enjoy the full experience, throwing myself head first into multiple classes, I don’t want to miss out. I’ve met some incredible and highly motivating girls whilst helping out at the past two events, and I know helping out at The Wellscene‘s events are going to continue to be a great way to meet more like-minded, fitness driven females. There’s nothing more powerful than a group of highly ambitious women all in one place at the same time.

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