In just two days at Club La Santa, I ran a total of 8km, hit the gym, took a Pilates class, a gymnastics class and a kettlebell class, swam (in a pool and in open water), learnt how to play squash, taught myself to paddleboard AND hiked a volcano. To many people this may sound like a nightmare of a holiday… To me, it’s a dream.

On the western edge of Lanzarote, Club La Santa is an oasis for fitness enthusiasts. While some people go on holiday to put their feet up and enjoy five-star luxury in peace and quiet, the holiday-goers that visit this resort don’t. Why? Because, with a schedule jam-packed with gym classes, training sessions and physical activities, and a ridiculous amount of sport facilities to take advantage of, people here find bliss in relaxing in a slightly more energetic fashion.

With only a weekend to experience all that the resort had to offer – from facilities to food, exercise classes to excursions – there was no time to waste. I wouldn’t fit in everything, but squeezing in everything I really wanted to try… I’d give that a bloody good go.


After exploring the complex, complete with three restaurants, a sports bar, multiple shops, a supermarket, a number of pools and a beautiful lagoon, I dropped my bags in my one bedroom apartment (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and sea-facing balcony all included), before getting straight into the good stuff: the exercise.

Not all activities at Club La Santa have to be booked; the daily 8:15am run for example, you can just rock up to five minutes before and join in with either 2, 3, 4 or 5km. As a volcanic island, Lanzarote is a lot more stone than sand; however if you’re an avid runner, this lunar landscape makes for some amazing trail running routes.

For those sessions that do require booking – like windsurfing, paddleboarding and body biking – the hotel has a trusty app that makes it easy. Download, sign in and sign up. Three easy steps that anyone can master.

Some classes, watersports especially, can get booked up quickly, but fear not. Because, if you’re happy to throw yourself into the deep end – approximately six and a half foot in the gorgeous natural lagoon if you’re interested – and learn without an instructor, you can simply borrow a board and teach yourself.

Enjoy open water swimming? Despite the fact I’m pretty sure the ‘Loch Ness of Lanzarote’ is trapped inside (there was most definitely a very large ‘fish’ swimming around in the water whilst I was peacefully paddleboarding), the lagoon is a beautiful spot for an early morning or a late night dip. Prefer a pool that’s fish free? Club La Santa has three pools; one leisure pool and two 50m competition pools.

On dry land you’ll find a running track, football pitch, athletics equipment including hurdles and a high jump and an indoor and outdoor gym, as well as tennis, badminton, basketball and squash courts. Now I exercise a lot, but I don’t play sports. If this weekend has taught me one thing though, it’s that there are so many other ways I can enjoy keeping fit.

I’ve never considered playing squash before but it was so much fun. And bloody hell did it work up a sweat! (I’ve got a lovely lady from England Squash to thank for introducing me to the game… Natalie, your job of trying to get more people interested in squash, especially younger females, has worked here. I’ll definitely be giving it another go!)


Physical activities at Club La Santa aren’t restricted to the grounds of the resort either. Surrounded by desert land and a large number of mountains and volcanoes, trekking is another popular workout with guests, myself included.

Now the weather was warm to say the least. Hitting almost 30 degrees and with a three hour hike (with a guarantee of no shade) ahead of us, it wasn’t going to be for the faint hearted. Reaching the summit however is such a satisfying feeling that the swollen feet (and ridiculous tan lines) are worth it.

For those of you who are feeling exhausted just reading this, Club La Santa probably isn’t for you. But for the few individuals that are secretly (or if they’re like me – not so secretly) excited by a week of constant working out, I urge you to consider a stay here the next time you’re looking to have some time away. While you’re likely to leave worn out and achy, you’ll also leave feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the world life than ever.

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