Training to achieve your goals – whether they’re strength, functional or aesthetic – is hard work. You put in the hours with your workouts, your nutrition and your rest, but in the end the hard work is worth it when can proudly say you did it.

But what about when your end goal involves slaloming down the many snowy slopes of Europe in the quickest time possible? How do you train for that?

Telemark skier Jasmin Taylor is only 24 years old, however has already achieved a number of impressive achievements in the world of competitive skiing.


“Telemark skiing is similar to alpine skiing – which was how I started – however instead of the usual squat position you hold, you lunge into your turns,” says Jasmin Taylor. “You have to keep this position throughout your way through the giant flagged slalom course. The aim is to keep your technique perfect and be as fast as possible.”



Split by the seasons, Jaz’s training happens in two very different ways; in the colder months she spends her time out on the snow, while throughout the summer, she can be found hiding away in the gym in her hometown of Ipswich.

“In the winter, from September to December, I head to Europe for ‘on snow training’.

“This is often up on the glaciers at high altitude, therefore I have to return back to England every 10 days to recover.

“In the morning training is usually interval training, in which we set up a flagged slalom course that I have to repeat multiple times. The course usually takes around 30 to 40 second to complete and I’ll do it six or seven times. In the afternoon is skate training. This is either on the snow or on roller skates, or can involve ski jumping.

“December to April is when the competitive skiing calendar kicks in. I’ll compete in a number of competitions, while performing maintenance gym sessions in my hotel at the time’s gym.”



While the majority of girls won’t train anything like this, it is possible to reap the benefits and train like Jaz does the other five months of the year.

Like a number of other athletes, from basketball players to sailors, Jasmin Taylor trains at ISC, which is situated on Leslie Road, Ipswich.

“My summer training is done in the gym. My workouts are both aerobic and anaerobic based, allowing me to train for all components of fitness.

“I focus on both strength and conditioning and train for endurance.

“This helps me to recover from high intensity training on the slopes, as well as training for strength and agility, which allows me to ski fast and well.

“There is so much space at ISC to train and so much functional equipment to use. There’s also a great vibe which really helps me to keep motivated.”

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