Head into any gym and you’ll find an array of different machines, designed to get you moving and make you sweat.

Treadmills, crosstrainers, rowers – these are the ones you’ll recognise. And with the press of a (hopefully obvious, green) start button, they’re relatively easy to use too.

Now head into a boutique, specialist gym. You’re bound to be faced with a few that aren’t so easy to identify; think Versaclimbers at BXR or Pilates reformers at Heartcore or Frame.

But as exciting as these relatively new concepts are, are they necessary?

Sure they make fitness fun. They challenge your body to push, pull, move and stretch in ways a simple stepper would never do, and noone could ever suggest they were a lost cause. The point here isn’t are they useful for getting fit, but are they essential?

Boxercise is a pretty common class, but not all variations of this much loved workout are high end. Unlike classes that are held in fancy London studios, that have the most stylish, high end gloves, wraps and punch bags, and would probably require you to remortgage your house to join, this class in Saxmundham is somewhat more a little more ‘back to basics’ – in a village hall. Regardless of this however, it works perfectly. You’re moving and work up a sweat, and hey ho, everyone’s a winner!

The majority of people don’t live in big cities with a buzzing fitness scene or exciting new studios popping up on every corner, but they still give it their all. You don’t even really need a class or equipment at all. You’ve got legs, go out and run. Get to a park, there’ll be a bench – jump on it, step on it, dip on it. A play area with monkey bars – pull yourself up on them, swing across them.

Don’t feel like you’re being left behind. Don’t think you’re limited access to state of the art equipment will be detrimental to your progress. Because really, all you need is a little motivation, a little determination and a whole lot of imagination as to what you can push, pull and plank on.

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