Girls, want to feel good and do good at the same time? Well you can, with Martlesham based pole dance and burlesque fitness group SheSizzles. The group will be encouraging women to have fun, get fit and help fundraise by holding another of its regular charity pole fitness workshops.


SheSizzles will be holding its ‘Sock It to Eating Disorders’ polejam on Friday, April 27 and will be raising money the charity which is close to owner Donna’s heart.

So, what does a polejam involve? During the fun, freestyle pole fitness class, students will learn to swish and twirl on the dance pole as well as practice and consolidate their spins and tricks, all while wearing sparkly, crazy, bright socks!

“I first started the dance company eight years ago when I first came to England,” says owner of SheSizzles Donna Berry, who is originally from Australia.

“I’ve been in the industry a long time teaching fitness, dance and yoga classes and wanted to give women a fantastic safe space to exercise in.

“I am passionate about empowering women and giving them confidence and I believe SheSizzles helps achieve this.”

Tickets for SheSizzle’s charity polejam cost £10 (plus booking fee) and can be purchased through Eventbrite.


Previously, proceeds raised have gone to charities including Women’s Aid, Medicins Sans Frontiers, British Heart Foundation and NSPCC, however this year will be shared out between Childline and eating disorder charity BEAT.

BEAT is a charity Donna is very eager to help in its fundraising efforts, collecting donations via a Justgiving page.

“The government has put its focus on obesity and the effect it can have on an individuals’ health, but I believe people are a lot less aware of other eating disorders. Eating disorders have the highest rate of death among all mental illnesses, with over 25% of suffers never improving. I just want to do my bit to help.

“I have worked with women and children with eating disorders as a senior psychotherapist here in Suffolk with the NHS and back home in Oz. NHS mental health services here in Suffolk have been under ‘special measures’ for a number of years, meaning people experience significant delays in accessing treatment.

“Charities like BEAT need as much help as possible as they are the lifeline for many individuals and families dealing with eating disorders.

“I have also had many students with an eating disorder in my classes – for many women in my classes, pole fitness has been a key part of their recovery. To learn to feed their bodies, so that they can become powerful and strong, has been very healing.”

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