When it comes to fitness classes, London has everything. Anything you can possibly imagine, somebody, somewhere will be running a class doing just that. So as someone who would quite happily try out every single class available, where do you start? With a Classpass, that’s where.

At the beginning of the month, I managed to get my hands on a pretty incredible deal courtesy of Classpass. My first month, in which I could go to 5 classes, for £19 (RRP £55). With the choice of hundreds of different classes at an endless amount of gyms and studios across London, I downloaded the Classpass app and started scrolling through. (Thankfully the app was really easy to. I could narrow down my search to different types of classes and eliminate times of the day which weren’t ideal; i.e. the 8+ hours a day I’m sitting on my backside at a desk).

So which classes did I finally manage to choose…?



My first, and by far my favourite! 1Rebel Rumble class has definitely been the highlight of my month with Classpass; I’ve never sweated so much, and enjoyed it so much, at the same time, EVER. 45 minutes of pairing rounds of punching and kicking the bag with squats, press ups and countless other cardio based exercises that felt like they lasted hours themselves. In 1Rebel‘s one of a kind Rumble studio, with the lights down and the music blaring you can completely focus on pushing yourself to your limit, without the fear of everyone’s eyes on you.

1Rebel 1Rebel



Now I’m not normally one to enjoy a spin class. Yes, I used to teach them, but I’d often find myself counting down the songs left before the cool down. I just can’t find much enjoyment sitting on a bike. However, 1Rebel Ride did briefly change my opinion. Again, 1Rebel‘s mood lighting and choice of class soundtrack were a positive start to the Monday morning that I dragged myself out of bed and into the studio by 7am. This unique take on a spin class not only included the usual sprints and hill climbs, but also involved an upper body workout whilst still on the bike. A few more Ride classes and maybe my mind can be swayed completely…




Now I thought I could handle a HIIT class. It’s the kind of training I do on a regular basis and with the class set up in a circuit, it should be easy enough, surely? How wrong was I?! At the time, this class at Core Collective was by far the hardest thing I had ever challenged myself to (“At the time”… keep reading to find out how this class was topped by something which quite clearly nearly killed me off). Sled runs, box jumps, bike sprints, sliders, battle ropes… just the start of a list of things I never want to see or do again. Although I had to travel to the other side of London for this one, and didn’t get home till almost 10pm, it was worth it. Feeling like my day had ended on a high, I left feeling accomplished and like I could take on the world!

Core Collective



Continuing my week in South West London’s finest gyms, a few days after my evening at Velocity I headed to a Blast Class at Lomax. A blast (of fun) it was, but a blast in terms of how quick it went, it was not. Again, I’m used to bodyweight and free weight exercises and putting a load of different ones together to last an hour isn’t anything new to me. But, when someone else has planned it and is there pushing you through each set, you work a little harder than you would alone. The added element of a little competition with the other class members is always helpful too. Mixing weights with cardio once again, the class was full of exercises that would never normally cross my mind to include – Trying to run with a resistance band around your waist whilst a partner is holding on to the other end for example! So much harder than you would think!



Full body and abs

Okay, so Bests Bootcamp was an experience in itself! And I’m not quite sure how I managed to get myself into the situation I found myself in last Wednesday night. I opted for a 7:30pm bootcamp. I could have probably made the 6:30pm straight from work, but with busy tubes and slow walking commuters I thought I’d play it safe. Little did I know that Bests Bootcamp had a guest trainer on the 6:30pm class which everyone else was dying to attend, so therefore this class was going to busy. And the one I was booked onto, was not. I should have guessed really, when I arrived and said I was booked in for 7:30pm and he replied with “You must be Emily”. Maybe everyone else in the class was a regular and my name was the only one he didn’t know, I thought. But no, I was the only one. THE ONLY ONE! And there’s nowhere to hide in a class when you’re the only one!

I have to thank the trainers at Bests Bootcamp though. Although I was practically crawling out of the changing rooms post class, they were lovely enough to put me, and only me, through my paces for an hour. London’s boutique studios love their dark eery lighting and loud music, and the enthusiasm and motivation which came alongside, was not reduced one bit with only one participant in the room. Jumping from the treadmill to the floor, this class was tough. And i mean TOUGH. Five minutes of sprints to five minutes of weights. Followed by four minutes of uphill running, and four minutes of weights…. you get the idea. I assure you, this bootcamp isn’t for the faint hearted. But if you want to really feel like you’ve challenged yourself, give it a go. You’ll end your session exhausted and probably unable to climb up the stairs on your way out, but you’ll have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!

Bests Bootcamp

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