We don’t want to panic anyone, but experts have warned that by ignoring our mental wellbeing, we could end up setting an “unhealthy precedent for future generations”. Why has this been said? Well, despite 70% of the UK believing that mental and physical health are both as important as each other, new research into the nation’s health habits has revealed that Brits don’t actually practice what they preach.

It’s been reported that despite believing the above, we’re really spending more than twice as much time (and money!) on looking after our physical health and fitness than we are on our mental health.

So how do the stats look, you ask? If you want to put numbers on it, on average people in Britain are spending £63.85, and eight hours and 38 minutes of their time, each month on physical activities such as going to the gym and taking fitness classes. However in contrast, only £29.94, and three hours and 53 minutes, was spent each month on activities, such as meditation, life coaching, and even going for a walk outside (!), which can greatly improve mental wellbeing.

That’s a measly 0.5% of our time we’re spending each month looking after our mental health! With all the stats and stories hitting the press in the previous months on how important our mental health is (and how we should most definitely be talking about it more), is that really enough?

And what’s more worrying, one in four Britons say they wouldn’t even know where to start if they did want to improve their mental wellbeing…!

Currently we’re prioritising our bodies over our minds, when in fact, our mental wellbeing should never take second place. As humans, we’re complex beings and it’s essential both our physical and mental wellbeing work in tandem to create a healthy whole. Why? Because if either factor isn’t properly looked after, it’s likely that the other will suffer too.

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