Bacon and eggs for breakfast (okay, probably not on a week day – muesli or a bowl of porridge is more likely), a chicken salad for lunch and salmon with all the veg for dinner. Throw fajitas, a chili con carne and a steak or two into the mix and you’ve got a lot of #fitfoodies’ regular weekly diets sussed. Near enough every meal people eat revolves around the meat on their plate, and the rest… well that just follows.

Meat is the main source of many individuals’ protein; it provides the nutrients the body needs for all that it does and is not only the part of the meal people most look forward to, but is the part that keeps you most satisfied in the hours afterwards.

So, with this in mind, do you think you could ever give it up?

Beginning on Monday, May 15 and running until Sunday, May 21 is National Vegetarian Week. This annual awareness-raising campaign aims to promote vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle, and encourages those who are interested in giving it a go, to #getstuckin and ditch meat for the week.

Why are people drawn to vegetarianism you ask? Some want to live longer, healthier lives (READ: The vegetarian diet is said to have a number of positive side effects, claiming it can reduce your risk of a number of diseases, improve your health, your energy levels and even your mood). Whereas others have made the switch to preserve Earth’’s natural resources or they simply love animals and have an an ethical opposition against eating them.

No chicken, no turkey and no pork. No salmon, no beef and no duck. At all. All week. If going the whole hog sounds scary, allow yourself dairy and eggs (because eggs – and avocado – on toast is a weekend tradition surely?). But anything more animal related than that – why not try and say goodbye?

2 thoughts on “How Important Is Meat As A Dietary Staple?”

  1. Just a little note, which I’m sure you’ve already picked up on, but just in case! Meat is very calorie dense, so you need to massively up the volume of plant foods you’re eating to get the same number of calories. If you’re feeling tired or hungry a lot consider that you just may not be fuelled up enough! Also- it’s super easy to rely on eggs and cheese for protein, but all plant foods contain protein and there are tonnes of exciting plant protein sources out there- check out The Buddhist Chef online or on Facebook for quick, simple and protein filled meals! It takes a bit of adjustment to get your head into meat free cooking- but once you’re there you’ll be amazed by how yummy and satiating it can be!

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Im fully prepared to eat a little more than usual to make up for the calories!
      I’ll have a look at your suggested recipe pages too. I’m excited to give cooking a little differently a go. X

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