Some couples plan their holidays mostly to rest and snooze on the beach, however others crave for quenching their wanderlust in places where all the thrill happens. Did you know, however, that you can combine the idea of a relaxing vacation with pushing your boundaries, conquering new heights, and discovering new adventures? Well you can, with these holiday destinations for adventurous couples.


The following spots are already dreamy enough as it is, however have brought a new level of excitement to couple travel with their adventure offers.

serengeti - holiday destinations for adventurous couples - the goal getter uk


Even if you choose to go to Tanzania, prepare to be both dazzled and confused by the sheer number of adventures you can treat yourself to in this incredible, untamed country. Many couples rush to this African region to set foot on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and enjoy some of the most breath-taking landscape the world has to offer.
On the other hand, you can also focus your trip on some of Tanzania’s most famous wildlife parks to await your first lion encounter, or see native tribes. Serengeti’s own National Park is perhaps the most well-known for the huge number of wildebeests, while you can also expect to see rhinos, elephants, zebras, cheetah, and buffalos.

ubud bali - holiday destinations for adventurous couples - the goal getter uk


Most people go to this heavenly island to bask in its many sandy beaches, but don’t be fooled by its predominantly docile and tame reputation. Bali, in fact, hides many experiences that will have you buzzing with excitement! For instance, if you and your other half enjoy surfing, you’ll find many a bold wave in the hidden beaches such as Uluwatu and Canggu, while those who like to hike can visit the island’s many volcanoes, as well as the Batukaru mountains.

Make sure you see the island’s temples, all of which carry the authentic spirit and beauty of its local people, and the trek in the jungles will be more than enough to cause a rollercoaster of emotions. Between your many adventures, stay in one of the many unique resorts in Bali, which have all the perks of an exotic getaway!

byron bay - holiday destinations for adventurous couples - the goal getter uk


Of course you’re tempted to go to Sydney or rush straight to Melbourne while you’re in the land down under, but if you’re truly looking for a thrilling trip, then head straight to Byron Bay. Another less expected destination, much like Bali, Byron Bay makes the list due to its serene reputation and plenty of relaxing locations – yet the many excursions will keep you busy for hours on end.

Additionally, if you are looking for a perfect camping destination, look no further than this beautiful location either. There is a wide range of powered camp sites and if you equip yourself properly with quality camping and outdoor gear, your trip will be anything but slow! From visiting an ancient labyrinth, numerous hikes in Byron’s many natural nooks, all the way to skydiving, mountain biking, and ballooning, you can expect an extraordinary vacation.

machu picchu - holiday destinations for adventurous couples - the goal getter uk


Another location on our holiday destinations for adventurous couples is Peru. Luxury paired with the heritage of the Inca people is somewhat of an unusual way to infuse your travels with adventure. The city of Machu Picchu was built in the 15th century only to be forgotten for the next five centuries. Now, it stands as one of our world’s greatest wonders, and the trek to the lost Peruvian city is a bucket-list one for every history enthusiast around the globe.

Without disturbing or violating the sacred grounds of the citadel, a Sanctuary Lodge has been built next to the very entrance, and it can be accessed by foot or rail. Isolated, and perfectly fitting into the wilderness around it, the lodge is a luxury one that offers numerous stunning experiences to complement your journey – from massages, to delicious local cuisine, you’ll pamper your palate as much as you’ll fall madly in love with these ancient ruins.

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