When travelling to most places in Belgium, it’s likely you’ll be flying into the capital, Brussels. But before you jump onto a train to head to the Christmas wonderland of Bruges, be sure to make the most of your time here. It’s definitely worth staying for at least a night.

After arriving in Brussels on Friday morning and making our way into the centre, we crammed so much into the one day we had in this city. And with stuffing our faces with chocolate at every possible opportunity, in Brussels (and in Bruges), it’s safe to say that my sweet tooth is now fully satisfied.

The Grand Place was beautiful. And when all lit up in the evening, along with the endless Christmas market stalls, the place truly felt magical. It’s difficult to imagine what this place would look like in the summer.



The next morning we were up and off travelling again; catching the train to where we were spending most of our trip – Bruges. If I originally thought Brussels had put me into the Christmas spirit, Bruges was about to top it. I’ve never seen a place so picturesque; exactly how you see in photos and exactly how I had seen in the film ‘In Bruges’.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that it took us two days to get waffles… One of the main factors contributing to my desire to visit Belgium. But they were worth the wait for sure. Trip Advisor had directed us to Gingerbread Tea Room, which was meant to make some of the best waffles in the city. Well, I think the cafe deserves a five star review from us too.

Our first evening in Bruges we wandered around The Markt and The Burg. I tried my hand at ice skating (I remember it being relatively easy when I was younger, I think I need to get my practice in if it’s ever going to feel easy again), and then filled my growing stomach once again. This time with traditional frites and mayonnaise. An early birthday present of a horse and cart tour of Bruges took us into the old town and finished our first evening off lovely.

Sunday was birthday day. And we had loads planned. Up and out early to climb the 366 steps to the top of The Belfry Tower, accidentally interrupting a Sunday service at the Basilica of The Holy Blood, a canal boat tour of Bruges, more waffles, and the most amazing three course birthday dinner in the evening.


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