On Thursday, March 8, sisters of the world will unite as International Women’s Day returns and the world once again recognises the impressiveness that is the female species – because after all, ‘who run the world?’


International Women’s Day (IWD) is a day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women from across the globe. IWD is also a reminder of the campaign’s original aim – from almost 110 years ago – of accelerating gender equality. To this day the all important aim has still not been fully achieved, making this year’s theme of ‘Press for Progress’ as relevant as ever.


International Women’s Day is marked around the world with numerous events including arts performances, talks, networking events, conferences and marches, however there are many ways you can show your support and celebrate.

1. Attend a IWD event

On March 8, there will – of course – be hundreds of events taking place across the UK, including loads in the capital. The WOW Festival at London’s Southbank Centre is unmissable. The 2018 event’s killer line up will not disappoint, championing everything good and great going on in the world of women. Expect a programme of discussion, debate, performances and activism, which all celebrate female achievements and highlight the obstacles that hold us women back from achieving our full potential.

Craft brewers are saluting women’s suffrage and women’s rights, with one company, HonestBrew hosting an evening of beer tasting and good chat, while female shredders are invited to House of Vansall-girl skating get-together. There are also plenty of networking events across the country, including HandBuilt Hub’s International Women’s Day Networking Lunch in Mistley, and Enterprise Nation’s She Means Business: Female Founder Meet-up in Cambridge.

Is there an official International Women’s Day event in your area? Find out on the IWD campaign’s official website.

2. Show support to the women in your life

Whatever hopes and dreams your female friends and family members have, you should be by their sides supporting them. Do this and they’ll likely do exactly the same back – because ‘empowered women empower women’!

Why not send the #girlboss in your group a Sparkle Hustle Grow box from Cratejoy?  They are stuffed with six items that will inspire them and help them and their business to grow. Think books, planners and chic office supplies. There’s also access to an online course or tutorial each month.

There is also a handful more great box subscriptions that make great gifts for girls including mind-body wellness box subscription Feeling Fab and Pause and Unwind, a wonderful relaxation kit featuring products from amazing women-owned businesses.

3. Dedicate some time to you

One of the best things you can do as a woman on IWD is to advocate for yourself. Whether that’s talking with your boss in workplace, with your partner at home, or simply having a quiet word with yourself – speak up about your wants and needs.

If you’re interested in ‘working’ on yourself this IWD, why not take a look at City Lit’s International Women’s Day event? Based in Covent Garden, London, City Lit will be focusing on gender disparity in mental health and has a jam-packed timetable.

A staging of female director and playwright Ekanem Hines’ play ‘So U Think I’m Crazy?’, is one of the main events on the day. The play will be performed by the cast of community theatre group Know My Mind, which raise awareness of mental health. There will be also six workshops taking place, including ‘De-stigmatising mental health in the family’, ‘Women, health and mental wellbeing’, and ‘Women and mental health: Suicide awareness and prevention’.

4. Download a song in aid of Women’s Aid

This month, London-based singer-songwriter Hannah Rose Platt has released a moving charity single titled ‘Sorry’. The track is about her personal experience of domestic abuse and, whether you can relate to the powerful lyrics or not, the track is sure to leave its mark. All proceeds from the track are being donated directly to Women’s Aid, with Hannah hoping it will play a small part in reducing the stigma surrounding such issues. This means, yes, even your one quick iTunes download will help create a brighter future for many, many women!

5. Share the stories of the women who inspire you

At The Goal Getter, we’re always looking to feature incredible women and their work as part of our Inspiring Women series. Have you done something worth shouting about, or know another wonderful woman who has? Share the story with us and we’ll scream it from the rooftops for you!

Our previous Inspiring Women posts have included Inge Nijkamp, the woman who took on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast and Nisha Haq, who took the plunge into setting up her own business.

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