Creating a wardrobe for work can be an expensive exercise. First impressions count, especially in the workplace, and this is something fashion-loving Rechenda Smith understands well. So when she was unable to find anything already on the market that was tackling the issue of looking good on a budget, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The result? Her own unique online boutique business, offering women’s pre-loved, yet still very stylish, business clothing.


“I set up Twigg & Tucker to help women look and feel great for less, so that they can go out and seize the career they want,” said Rechenda. “Looking good makes you feel good.

“Although the old adage is true, ‘clothes do not make the man’, the way you look can radically change the way you feel about yourself and how you relate to others. And this will have a knock on effect on your colleagues, clients and anyone you come into contact with at work. Whether you’re a graduate entering the workplace for the first time, a parent returning to work or just a general career fashionista, why pay the RRP when you don’t have to?

twigg and tucker the goal getter

“Twigg & Tucker offers brands such as LK Bennett, Reiss and Whistles to name just a few, at a fraction of the recommended retail price. And, as the entire collection is second hand, it is a sustainable fashion option, too.”

If you’ve already got a few of these lovely labels but aren’t sure how to wear them, Rechenda can help once again – with Twigg & Tucker’s free downloadable e-Book ‘How to Look Chic At Work’.


Rechenda is a very ambitious individual with a strong work ethic. She had many part-time jobs when she was at school and university, and was the first person in her family ever to get a degree. To add to her impressive CV, she also completed a postgraduate diploma whilst working full time, forged a successful career in marketing and even took the leap into working for herself for some time.

“My career has taken several twists and turns.

“I’ve taken risks – some have worked out and some haven’t, but I see business as a constant learning curve.

“Nothing is wasted and I believe that every failure takes you one step closer to your success.

“I’ve set up so many different side-line businesses over the years, from a property blog to a business styling enterprise. However, they have all led me to refine and perfect my business offering, which has ultimately led me to the creation of Twigg & Tucker.

“I love fashion and have held some very senior corporate roles working with CEOs and business owners, and with Twigg & Tucker I have found a business that combines both my passion and experience.”

twigg and tucker the goal getter2


With all of this success already in the bag, and a company she’s built from the ground about to take off in big bad world of fashion, what advice would Rechenda give to other women looking to start their own business?

“If you are looking to set up your own business or side hustle, my advice would be to take calculated risks, don’t try to do everything yourself, pick the best people to work with and never give up.

“My family and friends have seen and heard about many of my past business concepts but the idea is to keep on trucking until your ‘ah-ha!’ moment and it all falls into place. Trust your instincts, create something of value and follow your passion – it will be infectious!”

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