As new fitness trends, workout routines and even eating plans make their way into the mainstream, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited to you. There is such a wide variety, and while the selection may be great, it can make it harder to know which to try and which to include in your routine. If you’re looking for something simple to start out with, why not give a trampoline workout a go? An activity that used to be just for kids can now be used as a way for adults to get into shape.


There are many reasons you should consider including a trampoline workout in your exercise routine. The first is that it is can be a hell of a lot of fun – it’s hard to jump on a trampoline and not start to smile or laugh a little, try it! Another good reason to try a trampoline workout is because they are considered a low impact activity, meaning that they’re more gentle on your joints than something more high impact, like running.

A trampoline workout is also great way to burn calories. In just a half an hour of jumping, you are able to torch your way through over 150 calories. Adding this cardio workout to your routine, even just a few times a week, is sure to aid towards some great fitness results.

A trampoline workout makes for a well-rounded exercise session as it can include both simple moves for beginners and more advanced moves as you become more confident. It can also provide great cardiovasulcar benefits and is excellent at working the muscles in your calves, thighs, and glutes

the goal getter - trampoline workout


Regardless of what exercises you choose to do as part of your trampoline workouot, it’s important to make sure you start out slow. This will give your body time to adjust and for your heart rate to slowly increase to a level that will burn fat. Simple workouts for beginners include moves like standing on the trampoline with your feet about six inches apart and your knees slightly flexed, and jumping up and down around 30 times, resting and repeating. From the same beginning stance, beginners can also try jumping with their knees flexed and alternate raising their knees up to their chest with each jump – placing their hands on their hips if it makes it easier to balance.

As and when you need to make a trampoline workout more advanced you can begin to add in simple exercises such as jumping and landing in a squat as you come down. Once you have mastered the basic jumping routine, you can try to switch up the workout by changing the way you jump on your feet and by raising your legs in different directions as you land.

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