Going to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is like going up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or going into the Colosseum in Rome. You have to do it once.

Yes it may be a very ‘touristy’ thing to do, but have you ever heard someone say they had a bad experience doing it?

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The Blue Lagoon is a man-made lagoon, fed by the water output of a geothermal power plant nearby. The temperatures of the milky blue water hover between 37 and 39°C all year round, so taking a dip pretty much feels like you’re bathing in a giant bathtub. This also means that if you’re visiting in the colder months, you’re not going to freeze when you’re there. Despite how snowy and cold it is outside, the lagoon is the perfect place to warm up!

Full of minerals, algae and silica – which make it really good for your skin – the geothermal seawater is known for its healing effect, especially when it comes to conditions such as psoriasis.

While relaxing in the lagoon is enough for most, the site also boasts sauna and steam rooms, a man made waterfall and a beautiful relaxation area overlooking the lagoon.

Carved into the lava rock, the sauna and steam baths are a big part of the Blue Lagoon experience, while the powerful waterfall works wonders on those wanting to ease off sore shoulders or stiff muscles. As the water is hot, regular breaks are recommended and this is when the relaxation area can come into play.

Next to the changing rooms, the relaxation area offers an idyllic place to lay back and put your feet up as well as soothing music to relax to. The incredible views of the lagoon and the surrounding area aren’t to be missed either!

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While most people visiting Iceland will stay in Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is actually closer to the airport in Keflavik – and this is why many people choose to book their lagoon visit to coincide with their flight.

When booking tickets to the Blue Lagoon through its official website, you can add on ‘transport’ to your package. As this includes a ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’ in your chosen destinations, why not do it straight after you’ve landed (getting picked up from the airport and then dropped off at your hotel), or just before your departure (getting picked up from your hotel and dropped off at the airport after). A relaxing spa experience and airport transfers in one!


Like anything else in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon doesn’t come cheap. But there are ways make the experience a little less crippling on your purse.

1. Mud masks are free – you don’t need to pay for extra

You’ll see people putting a white mud-like substance on their faces while in the lagoon. This is silica and it’s really good for your skin! The mud masks are supplied out of a swim-up bar and you just help yourself to as much as you like. There’s no need to pay for pricier packages to get a ‘free’ one – the ‘Comfort’ entry ticket is plenty!

2. Bring your own towel and slippers

You’ll have to rent them otherwise meaning more £££.

3. Drink from the tap

Tap water in Iceland is up there with some of the cleanest in the world so there’s no reason to buy pricey bottled water at the lagoon.

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