If you’re in need of a space to escape to, to get away from the busyness of everyday life, The Yoga Room in Woodbridge is your place of retreat.

Launched by Meg Ayton-Andrews, the vision was to create a space dedicated to yoga, where the yoga community could thrive.


“My aim for the studio was to bring a place of sanctuary to an already beautiful town, where people can find their safe space to practice, unwind and reconnect with themselves. I have been blessed to practice a lot in studios when visiting London, Brighton and Eastbourne, and know that there is something especially calm about a yoga studio; I wanted to bring this to Woodbridge,” says Meg.

“As I studied yoga, I felt I wanted to pass this knowledge on and that’s what brought me to teaching.

“As I shared I realised how much yoga was needed in today’s chaotic society.

“This led me to set up classes in the parks of Woodbridge, on the beaches of the east coast and in the back of Honey & Harvey coffee shop.

“My end goal is to have The Yoga Room as a space for other yoga teachers too, so that people can easily find yoga and connect with it rather than having to search everyone’s individual sites.”


Just a stone’s throw away from the Tide Mill and within walking distance of the town centre, The Yoga Room holds a multitude of yoga sessions throughout the week.

Types of classes at The Yoga Room include meditation circle, gentle flow, deep flow, fire flow and deep and gentle yoga. Each different session has a different aim and is ideal for different types of people, for example meditation circle is about focusing the mind on one particular object or thing, while fire flow practices embrace the fire element, igniting the inner flame and burning away long-held tensions.

If class lessons aren’t your thing, a more bespoke private session can also be held by Meg. A private session is much more personalised, and is ideal for those who may have specific areas of the body they wish to target or require a session built around helping them emotionally. This can be arranged as a private one-to-one session, or as a private group session, perfect for a special event.

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