As the festive season soon gets underway – the annual time when gym class timetables will be swapped for calendars crammed full of Christmas celebrations – a lot of people look to the New Year as the time to re-kick their usual healthy habits into gear. No one’s really that worried about their health and fitness in December, are they?

So, for when January does comes round – or for right now if you’re determined to keep on track – we’ve found some of the most exciting fitness classes and concepts that we think will HIIT (see what we did there?) it off big time in 2018.

Ready, Sweat, Go!

Water workouts - Float Fit HIIT - the goal getter uk


Forget the water aerobics classes you giggle at while laying by the pool on holiday, and even forget about the floating yoga classes that snuck onto the fitness scene in 2017 – water workouts are a big health and fitness trends for 2018, but their about to get a lot more intense!

HIIT classes are already challenging enough, but add in having to balance on an unstable surface and it gets even tougher. Staying upright and in motion isn’t going to be easy, don’t let this have you thinking the exercises incorporated will be any different to those in a HIIT class on land.

Planks, burpees and mountain climbers make up some of the many exercises included in a class, with a 30 minute session being said to burn around 400 calories – not surprising when you’re constantly having to keep every muscle in your body engaged!

Try it for yourself

Fancy jumping onboard? FloatFit HIIT classes, as well as more calming floating Pilates classes, can be found at The Lodge in Tuddenham, Ipswich and cost £10 per session. Ensure you’re wearing something comfy and be prepared to make a splash!

trampoline fitness goal getter


A few years ago, trampolining was confined to back gardens and school sports halls, but this isn’t the case for health and fitness in 2018 – and they’re not just for children anymore either!

Forget sluggish runs and uninspiring spin classes, as trampoling workouts will have you completely rethinking cardio. Taking pressure off your joints, workouts are said to burn up to 1000 calories an hour, as well as improve balance, circulation, core strength, and flexibility.

The Rebounder is a purpose-built exercise trampoline and is a hell of a lot of fun. However, if you can’t afford the hefty price tag or simply don’t want to bounce around at home fear not. Trampoline parks are spring up all over the country, and many provide fun, yet challenging workouts, which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Try it for yourself

If dragging yourself to the gym after a long tiring day in the office isn’t at the top of your to-do list, parks such as Flux, Jump Street and Oxygen have made exercise much more appealing. Or, check out a Boogie Bounce class, which can be found in a number of towns and cities not only across the UK, but across the globe.

aerial yoga goal getter


If you fancy channelling your inner yogi in a slightly more adventurous way than just hitting the mat, a form of yoga that defies gravity might be just what you’re after.

Anti gravity or aerial yoga is a new kind of workout – it takes its inspiration from yoga, Pilates and dance, and involves a series of suspensions, stretches and inversions, all performed in a revolutionary silk hammock. Not sold on the idea of dangling upside down from the ceiling? Well you should be, because aerial yoga comes with a whole heap of health benefits.

This health and fitness trend  strengthens all muscles in the body, without overstressing the joints or compressing the vertebrae, while the silk trapeze-like hammock facilitates easy movement, and enhanced flexibility. As yoga is a mind-body experience it works to restore inner balance, and aerial yoga is no different. The practice also elevates mood, due to the release of serotonin and endorphin hormones, while helping to eliminate stress and anxiety. And, while it may look complex, there’s actually no basic level of fitness required – so anyone can give it a go!

Try it for yourself

If you’re interested in giving this new concept a go, head to The Flight Lab in Bury St Edmunds, which holds aerial yoga sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings. And, once you’ve mastered the silks, why not give one of the studio’s aerial hoop classes a go too?

dna test fitness goal getter


DNA profiling is hitting the mainstream and not only will it help people to understand how exactly they should be eating according to their genes, but will be shifting our perspective and transforming the way we think of health and fitness in general.

Forget weeks of trial and error with different foods to try and establish what’s causing your painful bloating, or aimlessly taking generic multi vitamins in an attempt to top up what you’re lacking.

Buy your kit, take a simple saliva swab and send it back – it’s that easy – and within a couple of weeks you could know exactly what will (and will not) work for you and your body. Everything from which macro nutrients does your body respond best to and hydrated should your body be, to how much sleep do you require and are you giving yourself adequate time between training to recover.

Try it for yourself

If you’re looking for a more scientific way to reach your goals, DNA profiling company MUHDO will help you to discover and then exploit your unique genetic gifts.

MUHDO is already working with a number of elite athletes, including strongman Eddie Hall and Team Wiggins rider Joey Walker, and has been won a number of awards in the health and fitness industry, such as ‘Best DNA Profiling’ by Men’s Fitness, ‘Must Have Health Product’ by Forbes and ‘Top Health Gift 2017’ by Metro.

Once you have your results, you can log in to your profile, get your report and even find a huge range of content, tailored perfectly to you – workout ideas and programmes, recipes and even the latest health and fitness news.

dance fitness goal getter


It’s only just landed on UK soil, but Australia’s newest dance and fitness trend SwingTrain is already taking off.

The fun and effective take on exercise says goodbye to the thumping bass of modern day fitness classes, and hello to the energetic sounds of Charleston, gospel and hot jazz. Inspired by the swinging steps of the 1940s, SwingTrain’s cardio workout is suitable for all fitness levels and even states you’ll be having so much fun that “you won’t even notice you’re burning up to 500 calories.” Result!

Try it for yourself

There are SwingTrain sessions in locations all across the UK, from big cities like London and Birmingham, to tiny towns like Southend-on-Sea in Essex. Classes are easily bookable on line, with some costing as little as £5 a session.

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