If you have an Instagram account, and well… eat, it’s likely you’ve snapped (and posted) a picture of at least one of your previous meals. ‘Fess up, we’ve all done it. These days, it’s perfectly acceptable, no it’s near enough obligatory, to document every avocado and egg brunch, smoothie bowl or perfectly topped bowl of zoats (read: zucchini oats. Yes, it’s a thing) we have.

Yes, you might judge the girl on the table next to you in your favourite restaurant as she stands up and leans over her fluffy quinoa and veggie Buddha bowl to capture the perfect flat lay for her ‘gram, but we all do it. (As I wrote that last sentence, I paused to snap my instagrammable flat white).

Apparently though, this habit we see as entirely innocent can be detrimental to our enjoyment, as overexposure to food can actually affect our satiation. Insta-snaps of food can help us to trigger instant thoughts, reminding us of the enjoyment we had when we first tucked in. However, if we spend too much time repeatedly viewing these food pics, its suggested it can lead to pre-satiation. Which means next time we sit down to indulge in something similar, we’re already a little tired of our food, before we’ve even start to eat it.

I don’t want to put a downer on the topic though, so I’ve done a little thinking… Could our #instafood pics have a positive influence too? Well thanks to a little positive reinforcement from social media (and some expert photography skills) I believe people are starting to perceive healthy foods in the same manner as indulgent ones – i.e. as irresistible. You’ve got to admit it, the food looks good and surely, if that making people want to eat it, that has to be a good thing.

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